Physical Education & Health

My name is Coach Williamson! 

I am the PE and Health teacher at Sundance Elementary School. PE is going to be challenging, competitive, and fun! Please be sure to check back here for updates and highlights!

All of our students participated in fitness testing and ALL of our students improved their fitness levels. By focusing on fitness, students learned different expectations of themselves. They built stronger bodies and minds. Their confidence levels skyrocketted! We also had the opportunity toward the end of the year to learn from our very own in Sundance! Mr. Hofland and the high school football players mentored us in learning some football fundamental skills. Mr. Hartwig worked with all of the students in learning baseball fundamentals. The end of the year the elementary school had the opportunity to be the first one’s to try out the new athletic complex and football field in Sundance! We had our last day’s activities there including Field Day, and Mr. Hartwig and other staff getting dunked by the students. We had a great first year together and I look forward to many more!