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Physical Education & Health

My name is Coach Williamson! 

I am the PE and Health teacher at Sundance Elementary School. PE is going to be challenging, competitive, and fun! Please be sure to check back here for updates and highlights!

NEWS from the PE Department!

We are off to an excellent start! We have finished our kickball and volleyball unit, as well as threw in a few new games. Ask your students about “Troll Story” and they will no doubt tell you all about it! We have however started two new exciting changes in PE this semester. One is the Perfect Fitness Challenge. Every day at the beginning of PE we pick out two exercises that the whole class performs– push up’s for example. All of the students do as many perfect push-ups that they can without breaking form. They then receive a score as a class based on the lowest amount performed. That is then the score to beat the next time we do that specific exercise. We post these scores on the board in the gym and compete with the other classes in the school, all while working on being  a supportive teammate to each other. The other challenge is the Encouragement Challenge. Every two weeks on Friday, I choose two classes and one individual from the entire school that have been outstanding as a positive role model– using positive talk, teamwork, and leadership to support their classamtes. I will announce their classes and names of the individual over the loud speaker on Friday afternoons. Ms. Disney’s class is a tough one to beat as they have now won it twice– Asa Pixley and Jaylin Mills are the individuals. My hope with this challenge is to build a positive team-like environment throughout the entire school and within time, the community! Being a good teammate and leader doesn’t magically happen– it must be taught, practiced and encouraged. Please feel free to help us with this endeavor. As always, it is such a pleasure to spend time with these wonderful young people.

Team First, Teammates Second, Self Last!

- Coach Williamson