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Mrs. Ludemann's 3rd Grade

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Music- Monday’s and Friday’s in Fall, Monday’s and Wednesday’s in Spring

PE- Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (please remember PE shoes on these days!)

Library- Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

Art- Wednesday’s


In Mrs. Ludemann’s 3rd grade classroom, we eat while we work, so snacks will be anytime throughout the day that your child feels hungry. I will not provide snacks so please be sure to pack brain power foods!


Book orders will be sent home the beginning of every month and due the middle of every month. Please make checks payable to Mrs. Ludemann and not to Scholastic as it will delay the orders. Let’s read to earn some free books for the classroom!


I was taught to never turn down a helping hand! If you would love to become a parent volunteer for your third grader’s school year, we would love to have you. However, all parent volunteers must be fingerprinted before volunteering. This can take 4-6 weeks to process so please keep that in mind. Stop by the school office to ask for more information.


Our third grade class will be bringing home planners every night. In these, your student will be writing their homework assignments, any classroom reminders, and their financial earnings or losses for the day. Because I believe the parent-teacher connection is important to enusre success for each student, I am asking that my students have their parents sign the planner each day. This gives parents a snapshot of what we are learning in our classroom and students the opportunity to talk about how their day went. Please feel free to write concerns, absent notes, or anything else in the planners as I check them every morning!


In third grade, we will be earning and spending our own classroom money. This will double as our classroom management system. Students will receive a job assignment in the first few weeks of school and begin earning a monthly salary. The ywill be expected to pay rent on their desks as well. They can earn extra money through bonuses by following classroom rules, actively participating in their learning, and being superstar third graders. On the other hand, they can lose money through fines by disrespecting others, turning in homework late, and being off-task. We will also have fun at the conclusion of every month where students can spend their earnings at our classroom auction or store.

Having our own personal economy will provide the students with the great opportunity to learn about financial responsibility. So don’t be surprised if your student comes home with questions about paying rent or regretting overbidding at an auction. I believe our class will enjoy themselves and learn a lot about making responsible decisions and saving skills.