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Ms. Love's 3rd Grade



Homework and Nightly Reading

Regular homework will start the second full week of school. Because I understand that families have some evenings that are very busy, I send home a weeklong packet on Mondays that are due back on the following Monday.

Student planners will have a section for parents to sign off on their nightly, 20 minutes of reading. I will check these every morning.

Rocket math, our fact fluency program, may come home if your child didn’t make their goal that day. These would be a quick correct and complete to be returned the next morning.

Why Read?


Class Supplies

Thank you for providing supplies for your child. I will send home notes as they need to be replenished. Usually, they will need more around the second semester.

Classroom Dojo

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is used primarily in our class as a communication tool. Rather than a disciplinary function, I use it to send families real-time photos of work and projects happening in the class. If there are messages that need to come home, I use Dojo to reach families or individuals with that information. Parents may also use the messaging to reach me for questions or information I need to know about their child. (Any transportation messages still need to go through the school office.)

The first quarter of school, I will enter + or – for students covering 3 respects. These are self-respect, which includes staying on-task, following directions, and getting their work done on time; respect for others, which is self-explanatory; and respect for the school which includes their use of school facilities, technology, etc. This will only be one entry at the end of the day as an over-all + or -. This is only to help us see a pattern of behavior that will help me decide on classroom management needs.



Your child will earn classroom money, $3 daily. The money is basically our ladder system. For example, bad behavior loses them a dollar. Specials teachers who have the class or individuals move up, will earn extra. Mr. Hartwig may be asked to visit with the student who loses all $3 in a day.  As in real life, if they don’t show up for ‘work’ they don’t get paid, even. The money is kept in their desks and we will have shopping days each quarter.

Snack Time!


Healthy snacks that do not require spoons are welcome in class. I ask that non-spoon snacks are sent because of the mess and distraction from and on work that occurs.

I encourage all students to have water bottles with tight fitting lids. They can be left at school and taken home on the weekend for a wash.  Gatorade-type drinks are allowed as long as they are NOT RED.



Feel free to send Birthday treats with your child on their special day. I just ask that you keep any allergies in mind.

1. We will have a Science Party the end of October. Kids will be doing all sorts of exceptionally fun experiments. No costumes involved.

2. Just before our Christmas Break, we will have a Student Choice Party. The class will vote on what they would like to do.

3. Valentine’s Day Party mid-February will be sharing Valentines with classmates and cooking up some treats.

4. Our Spring Party will involve some engineering and artwork.

!!! If you are able to help with snacks for these parties, please fill out the form at Open House, or email me as soon as possible.



The end of February and March we will be working on our Iditarod unit. This is a favorite of the kids. Along with the classroom activities involved, there will be a family engineering project. Everyone will make a small sled from recyclables at home. Then, we will “race” them at school during the Iditarod. They will also be available for the March, student-led conferences so parents and kids can enjoy their hard work. Instructions and guidelines will be sent home closer to that date. We will also watch some films that correlate with our health standards but teach us about challenging ourselves, making decisions because we need to think of others, and stepping out of our comfort zone.