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Facility Use


Call the school office at 307-283-1227 to check on availability and to get the gym usage form. K-12 student events will take precedence to any other event. All gym usage must be arranged through the school office and be preapproved by the building administrator.



1. NO CHILDREN or other persons who are NOT INVOLVED as a participant of the activity are NOT allowed to be in the building during your time.

2. Child spectators are only allowed to watch SCHEDULED COMPETITIONS under the direct supervision of an adult. Supervisors of an approved activity must monitor the building. The custodian or principal should be notified if unauthorized persons are in the building.

3. There must be an adult supervisor present whenever a student group is using the facility. High school students are NOT to be left in charge of student groups.

4. No street shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Tennis shoes should be clean and be free of objects that could scratch the gym floor.

5. No food or drink is allowed in the gym. Water is allowed in a closed container.

6. Participants in the approved activity should not go into other areas of the building not designated by the building use request. They shall remain in areas where there is adult supervision.

7. Persons using the gym are not to go into or take equipment from storage areas. Arrangements need to be made in advance to get equipment for use.

8. No one is allowed to go onto or play on/in the stage steps and stage area in the gym. Damage to the step pads, stage curtain, etc. will be charged to the responsible party.

9. The gym and other areas used should be returned to the same condition of cleanliness and organization as when the group entered the facility. The areas will be thoroughly inspected by the custodial staff. If the areas don’t pass inspection, the responsible party will be held liable for any fees associated to fix any damages during use by that organization.

10. All doors are to be locked upon exit of the facility, by you (if key issued) or by notifying the custodian of your exit.

11. The building, inside and out– including the gymnasium, are under surveillance. If we are notified of an issue, we do have the ability to view back footage.

*Groups using the gym/building will be responsible for damages to the facilities which may occur during use by that organization. The custodian and/or principal will do spot checks of the facility. Any group found violating these rules could result in the loss of use of the facility.*